Can WhatsApp encrypted messages be cracked?

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Can WhatsApp encrypted messages be cracked?

So is the claim by John McAfee. According to this Engadget update John McAfee said that he was able to use an Android vulnerability to crack WhatsApp encrypted messages. WhatsApp has recently started supporting encrypted messages.

It isn’t exactly clear whether WhatsApp encrypted messages can really be cracked or not at this stage because later on there seems to be a confusion regarding the claims made by John McAfee.

For example, this Gizmodo update says that John McAfee was trying to trick reporters into believing that he was able to hack into WhatsApp encrypted messages. He was reportedly sending reporters already “tweaked” phones that would be carried to reporters by his staffers and then it would be demonstrated over Skype how he was able to crack the WhatsApp and cryptic messages.

John McAfee, if you don’t remember, is well known for his antivirus software called McAfee antivirus software. It used to be a big thing in the early 2000’s but then somehow John McAfee lost the plot and was even arrested recently for criminal activities.

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