What’s a smart watch?

Smart watch

You must’ve seen one of those Samsung ads that shows people wearing a  Smart watch that is connected to their smart phone and how they can do almost everything that can be done from the phone. Well, not exactly everything, but most of the small things that don’t require you to take out the phone from the pouch, for instance clicking a quick photograph, checking time, going through messages and emails, setting alarms, checking your direction, etc. No longer a watch remains an appliance just to track time. It’s almost a personal digital assistant. Smart watch can come as a standalone device and it can also come with your smart phone. Many smart phones like the one you see in the Samsung ad are being shipped with a smart watch. Here is a video of a smart watch:


The Smart watch shown in the above video looks quite futuristic. It is unable look like the conventional watch. Instead of a watch it looks like a wearable gadget but this is the basic concept. Smart watch may end up being a part of every aspect of your life as you can see, the person unlocks his door, chats with his friend and even races with him (although it seems quite sad to people running alone while being connected via a device rather than physically being together).

Can Smart watch become a part of your day-to-day life? It depends. Who would’ve thought that one day we would be using the Smart phones the way we use them now? The author of this blog post on TheNextWeb has concluded that smart watches can deliver on their potential.

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