What’s the use of shipping Microsoft Office with Xiaomi smartphones or for that matter, any smartphone

Microsoft Office will be pre-installed on Xiaomi smartphones

According to the latest news doing the rounds on the Internet, Xiaomi smartphones will be shipping with Microsoft Office. There is no need to get excited even if you are looking forward to using Microsoft Office on one of your Xiaomi smartphones. Microsoft Office looks and feels horrible on smartphones, and even on tablets.

Read why I’m totally disappointed with my MS Word experience on my tablet.

Why would you have Microsoft Office on your Xiaomi smartphone, or any other smartphone or on your any other tablet? Just for the heck of it?

Having Microsoft Office on your Xiaomi smartphone (I have a Xiaomi tablet as mentioned in the above link) means that sooner or later you will be working on either an MS Word document or an Excel sheet. You might even want to use some of the great tips for Excel that can be found if you click here. These tips could improve your workflow so Microsoft Office is easier to use on your new smartphone or tablet. But the words that you see on your smartphone or tablet are so small, so minuscule, that you are unable to work unless you have got a magnifying glass with you.

The problem is not that the characters and fonts are small, the problem is they cannot be enlarged because if you enlarge them, you have to do lots of horizontal scrolling. Even basic text editors these days allow you to enlarge text without having to scroll left and light continuously.

The iPad is considered to be one of the best tablets in the world. Even on iPad Microsoft Office looks and feels lousy and antediluvian.

Unless Microsoft solves this problem, it is no use having Microsoft Office pre-installed on smartphones and tablets.

According to this Forbes report, beginning September, Xiaomi Android devices including Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3 will come with pre-installed Microsoft Office and Skype.

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