What’s important, thinner mobile phones or longer battery life?

Very thin mobile phone with a shorter battery life
Very thin mobile phone with a shorter battery life

Mobile phones grow thinner with every new release, or at least that is the aim with every new release. But thinner mobile phones means a battery that doesn’t last long. Your mobile phone needs to be charged more than it should have to be. Many battery -like problems arise because due to the thinness of the phone, bigger and better batteries cannot be used.

This The Next Web blog post ponders over the pros and cons of reaching a compromise between a thinner phone and a longer battery life. What is important, asks the writer? Is a longer battery life important or the thinness of your mobile phone?

We use our mobile phones almost all day. As the processing power of our mobile phones increases, they’re substituting computers and laptops more and more.

A big compromise is that we have to carry the mobile charger wherever we go. If not the mobile charger, then these days you get power banks – an extra gadget that you have to carry. This is a needless inconvenience especially when beyond a particular size, the mobile phones cannot grow thinner. It doesn’t even make sense because, personally, for me, it becomes very difficult to pick up the phone. In fact, for my HTC Desire 816 (although it is not one of the thinnest mobile phones) I have added an extra plastic stand so that the mobile phone is always raised above the surface and it is easier to pick it up. Speaking of HTC phones, it was recently announced that they will be launching Blockchain-Based Phones. To find out more on this, you could look into a site like beincrypto, for honesty and transparency into the cryptocurrency media space.

The supporters of thinner phones say that it’s easier to carry them in your pocket. This is not the case. The overall size of the mobile phones isn’t going down. Larger screens are a norm rather than an exception. After initial hesitation, even Apple has accepted that bigger -sized mobile phones sell more and this is why they are launching bigger iPhones. As iPhones are the most popular phones, there are many mobile phone no contract deals to encourage customers to buy iPhones from them.

Here are the main points raised by the author of the above-linked blog post:

  • Since we use our phones a lot we need batteries that last longer. 90% of Facebook’s 1.04 billion daily users, according to the blog post, access the network through their mobile phones. So it is also in the favour of such websites to encourage people to opt for batteries that last longer.
  • It would be fine if some of the mobile phones were thicker. As I have given the example of my own HTC Desire 816, beyond a particular thinness, it becomes difficult to operate your phone. What will happen if one day, your mobile phone becomes as thin as your credit card? Is it easy to pick up your credit card as casually as you pick up your mobile phone? I don’t think so.
  • Many design-compromises are being made to create overly thin mobile phones. Such designs are becoming counter-productive.
  • Quick-charging is being incorporated in many mobile phones, but this is not a solution. Even if you can quickly charge your mobile phone, you still have to lug around the charger.
  • You can never count on your battery. Mobile phones have become a necessary part of our lives. Sometimes, whether your mobile phone is charged or not can be a matter of life and death. Mostly at crucial times, the mobile phone runs out of battery. Is it worth it? Wouldn’t you prefer a thicker phone if it can last a whole day without you having to charge it? Wouldn’t it be great if your mobile phone could last two days without charging no matter how much you use it?

I think these are good points. Instead of obsessing about the thinness of the phone, users should press the companies to provide better batteries. The battery technology is not evolving as fast as the overall mobile phone technology but if this is also the case, it is mostly because people are not demanding better batteries. Your battery is inside your mobile phone so it is not visible. It does not make a statement the way your mobile phone does. Still, it is the most important component of your mobile phone. Without a battery, your mobile phone is just slightly better than a paperweight. So it is not important how thin your phone is, what’s important is, how long is its battery life.

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