What is the price of the Google Pixel smartphone

What is the price of the Google Pixel smartphone
What is the price of the Google Pixel smartphone

The price of the Google Pixel smartphone may vary from country to country. It also depends on different retail shops eventually what is going to be the price of the Google Pixel smartphone. The price also depends on the internal storage space that you go for. Right now, the price ranges around $ 649 for the lowest spec Google Pixel smartphone with 32 GB internal storage, according to this Wired link.

As the internal storage space increases, so does the price of the Google Pixel smartphone. The device having 128 GB internal space will cost $ 749. Google Pixel XL (the bigger one) may cost you $ 869 for 128 GB internal space. The smartphones are available for preorders in the US and they are soon going to be available in India too.

In India the price may vary between Rs. 43,000-Rs. 60,000 depending on the Google Pixel version you decide to go for.

This ZDNet author thinks that  the Google Nexus smartphones are  competing with the iPhones in terms of their prices. So far, the iPhones have been one of the most expensive smartphones in the market, sometimes closely followed by higher-end Android smartphones by Samsung. So far, with even the lower-end Google Pixel smartphone priced at around $ 650, these Google phones are easily giving a good competition to the iPhones from Apple.

Personally, I never recommend people to step on each other’s feet to get hold of the latest smartphone whatever the price is. If you already have a smartphone and it is working fine, then wait for a few months. It is the latest phone and it may have some snags even if it comes from Google. Let other people buy it and give their feedback and then if you still feel like buying it, then go ahead, buy it. After a few months even the price will come down.

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