What are the benefits of removing apps from my Android phone

Benefits of uninstalling apps on your android smartphone

Abdullah from Dhaka asks

80% of the apps in my new Android phone I don’t plan to use ever. They are needlessly occupying space on my smartphone. I would like to remove these apps but somewhere I have read that it doesn’t free up the space on your smartphone. So what might be the benefits of removing apps from my android phone?

TechBakBak answers

The memory on your smartphone is pre-partitioned. Which means removing apps doesn’t necessarily increase internal space on your smartphone. Actually it’s not the apps that eat up space on your smartphone, it is the data that is generated by these apps. For example, if you have got a camera app on your Android phone, it isn’t the camera app that is occupying the space, but all those photographs and videos that you might be taking with the help of that app. So in most of the cases, if you remove the data (after taking backup on your computer in case we are talking about important photographs and videos) you should be fine. Clear up your cache on a regular basis.

Still, it doesn’t mean that removing apps from your Android phone does not have benefits. Many apps constantly use your battery. The fewer apps you have on your smartphone or mobile phone, the more battery you will have. Then there are some apps that clash with other apps. So this might also be the benefit of removing particular apps so that you can run the app you really want to run on your smartphone.

Having said that, it isn’t completely true that removing apps doesn’t free up space. Of course when you are installing apps they need some space to install themselves. That space is definitely freed up when you uninstall them or remove them.

There is one thing you need to remember though. If the apps you’re talking about came with your system, it will be difficult to remove them unless you root the phone – there is a complete description of what smartphone rooting is but what it basically means is, having admin-level access to your smartphone so that you can do anything you want to do with your phone, for example, the apps that came with your original installation.

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