What? Another technology blog?

Ummm…yes, I know. There must be more than 500,000 technology blogs on the Internet (just a random number), so why would you be interested in this particular blog that might just be the regular tech bak bak? “Bak bak” in Hindi means use less jibber jabber. It’s mostly going to be technology for the non-geeky. As technology goes mainstream, it no longer remains in the realm of geeks and technology freaks to play around with high-end gadgets and cutting-edge day-to-day technologies. Your everyday Joe these days use one of the most advanced smart phones, computers and tablet PCs. There is a complete demographic of such users were not very comfortable about the things they use and to seek information that is written in their language.

This is what I am going to put here – lots of technology, but in a language a non-technical person can understand and use. It goes without saying that I will be talking about things that your gadgets can do rather than the specs and features they come with. For instance, you’re not bothered about how many megapixels camera your next Android phone has, what matters is what is the clarity of the pictures and videos you take. I think you get my point.

So please stay tuned. Whatever you need to know about your Samsung galaxy phone, your iPhone, your HTC phone, or the BlackBerry that you have, or even the drone your grandchild is going to purchase next week, you will find it here.

About Amrit Hallan
Amrit Hallan is the founder of TechBakBak.com. He writes about technology not because "he loves to write about technology", he actually believes that it makes the world a better place. On Twitter you can follow him at @amrithallan

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