What all can Google Assistant can do right now? List of commands

Google Pixel ad in Times of India shows wrong answer by Google Assistant

Main points:

  • Google Assistant is an advanced version of Google Now
  • In other operating systems and environments you can get Siri and Cortana
  • Currently Google Assistant works  in Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL,  Google Home and the Google Allo Instant Messenger
  • This post contains a partial compilation of commands that you can give to Google Assistant

Wondering what all you can do with Google Assistant right now? Have you been searching for a list of commands that you can give to Google Assistant? Although there is no central list of commands that you can give to Google Assistant right now, there are scattered bits of information available here and there and you can use these bits of information to compile your own list of commands that you can give to Google Assistant right now.

Google Assistant is being touted as one of the main features of the latest Google Pixel smartphone. In fact, right now Google Assistant is available just with Google Pixel and nowhere else. For the rest, Google Now still works. Google claims that it is going to change the way people interact with their mobile phones. Google Assistant is like you have Siri in iPhones and iPads and Cortana in Windows 10. Basically, these are voices-assisted interfaces that allow you to interact with your smartphone or tablet without having to type the commands. Up till now, on Android, you must have been using Google Now for many voice -assisted commands.

Google is trying to make Google Assistant as humanlike as possible. Being a true assistant, it not just provides you the answers you need, it also remembers stuff for you. The video presented below demonstrates what all you can do with Google Assistant at the moment. Remember that Google Assistant is AI-based that is, it will evolve as you use it more and more because it will be saving all the information you give to it in order to be able to adjust itself according to your particular needs.

Right now only the preview edition of Google Assistant is available so there are limited things that you can do with Google Assistant. Most of the commands have been inherited from Google Now with the only difference that in Google Now some of the responses can be heard instead of read, but in Google Assistant, there is a chat-like interface that responds to your questions and responses.

In its preview edition, Google Assistant can be tested out within the Google Allo interface and this is primarily the reason why most of the responses appear like a chat conversation. Currently you can, if you can, give commands to Google Assistant through and to Google Home (an Amazon Echo sort of device), Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones and the Google Allo instant messaging app. Some of the things that Google Assistant can do right now for you are:

  • Tell you how old a person is (how old is Richard Gere)
  • Play music for you
  • Tell you a recipe
  • Tell you your schedule
  • Set a reminder
  • Tell you the latest sports scores
  • Do mathematical calculations
  • Show photos of a particular event (for example, show me my photos of Kolkata)
  • Tell you the weather
  • Tell you a joke
  • Play a game
  • Recite a poem
  • Tell you about the nearby restaurants, movie theatres, pubs, bars and all sorts of places you can hang out
  • Show you emails from a particular person or service (for example, show me my emails from Balbir)
  • Tell you what movies are showing in the neighbourhood
  • Give answers to follow up questions, for example, “How old is Richard Gere” and when you have gotten the answer from Google Assistant, you can ask, “when is his birthday” and Google Assistant will know that you are talking about Richard Gere
  • Let you control Google Chromecast and other devices with voice commands
  • Subscribe to your favourite updates like weather forecast, movie updates and other alerts
  • Let you give commands off-line and they are executed are answered when the net connection is back

…and so on.

There are scores of more things that Google Assistant can do right now but you will be able to find them gradually. There doesn’t seem to be an official list of commands you can give to Google Assistant, from Google, but basically these are the things Google Assistant can do right now for you.

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