Soon you will be able to see every website in Google Chrome in virtual reality

Browse the Internet in virtual reality using Google Chrome
Browse the Internet in virtual reality using Google Chrome

No matter how convenient and bulky the virtual reality headset looks and feels currently, tech companies are leaving no stones unturned to bring them into the mainstream. Google is doing the same with your favourite browser Google Chrome. Soon you will be able to view every website that you view on Google Chrome, in virtual reality.

In this Road to VR update, you can read that Google is adding a virtual reality shell to the Chrome browser to let you browse the entire Internet in virtual reality.

There are some websites specifically built for virtual reality, but if you use Google Chrome with a virtual reality shell built in, even if a particular website is not optimized for virtual reality, you will be able to browse it in VR.

Websites built according to “WebVR” can show their content directly through virtual reality headsets. So currently, according to the situation in which the Chrome browser does not have the built in virtual reality shell, while browsing the Internet, you repeatedly have to take your VR headset off in order to view websites that are not VR-compatible.

The virtual reality feature of Google Chrome is going to solve this problem. No matter what website you are viewing, you’re going to be able to view it in VR, wearing your headset.

The VR capabilities in Google Chrome are going to be available in Google Chrome Beta and Google Chrome Dev on Android. Google Chrome Beta has now WebVR which you can enable to surf the Internet in virtual reality. Doesn’t matter if a particular website is virtual reality-ready or not.

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