You can watch Wimbledon live on Twitter with livestreaming facility

Twitter livestreaming Wimbledon
Twitter livestreaming Wimbledon

Big fan of Wimbledon but cannot extract yourself from Twitter? Well, you can watch Wimbledon live on Twitter now, as Twitter has launched its first livestream sports broadcast during the ongoing Wimbledon. Even with this option in place, this doesn’t stop you from experiencing this game in real life. With offers such as wimbledon hospitality packages, avid fans of tennis will be happy to find out that they will be able to watch the Wimbledon championships first hand in the summer months. Through tailored packages that will suit your needs, what more could you ask for? But if you are not able to make it, at least you know you have the option of watching it on Twitter and you won’t miss out!

How different is it to watch the Wimbledon livestream broadcast on Twitter, compared to another livestreaming services such as YouTube or Twitch?

Along with livestreaming you can also participate in Twitter conversations. There will be real-time commentary on the side. Most of the conversations will be taking place with the hashtag #wimbledon that will appear on the side of the screen. You will see updates from everybody, not just from the people you follow on Twitter.

This is the link where you can watch Wimbledon live on Twitter.

Why would you watch Wimbledon livestreaming on Twitter rather than on your TV?

It’s about interactivity. There is an urge to talk to people when you’re watching a sports event or for that matter, any event you are passionate about. Sometimes you are alone at home, or at a public place and there is an exciting match going on. There are some shots that are great and some shots that suck and you want to express your joy and anger to whomever ready to listen. This is something that can be instantaneously achieved on Twitter.

In the Twitter livestream of Wimbledon the video will play on the left hand side and the live tweets will be updated on the right hand side if you are watching the livestream from your PC or laptop. If you are watching the Wimbledon Twitter livestream from your mobile phone the video will appear at the top and the conversations will appear below. If you scroll down, the video will not be scrolled up.

Is it actually livestreaming Wimbledon, as in, you can watch as the game is being played at the venue? This Fortune link says that it is not exactly live. Maybe there are some glitches that need to be removed.

Image source: BBC

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