Want to watch people eat? There is this social eating channel for you on Twitch

Social eating: watch people eat online
Social eating: watch people eat online

Watching people eat apparently is a rage. There is a teenager in Malaysia or Indonesia, or maybe South Korea, who is making big money by letting people watch him eat.

Why do people watch others eat, even in live stream, on the Internet? Call it a fetish, or maybe people are feeling lonely and they have nobody else to eat with. But what’s the use of watching someone eat, even if at the same time you’re eating yourself, if you are not able to interact with that person. I would rather eat with someone, if at all, who is on a one-on-one web cam chat with me. Why would I watch a broadcast of someone having his or her lunch, breakfast, dinner, brunch or even in between snack.

Anyway, there are different tastes in this world and there are many tastes you cannot relate to, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. So if you love watching people eat, there is a social eating channel for you on Twitch.

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