Want to watch Netflix in India? It is available in India now?

Netflix available in India

You must have been waiting for Netflix to become available in India for many years, and if you want to watch it, your wait is over. Now Netflix is available in India.

Previously when you tried to access Netflix in India, you would get a message, something like, the programs are not available in your region, but thanks for visiting. When you log onto the website, you are taken to the Indian section of Netflix. The media streaming company has just made it possible for you to watch its massive choice of programs based on individual taste, family taste and even for kids, in India

For one month you can watch the programs (including movies, TV programs with different seasons, kids shows and documentaries) for free and after that you need to pay a monthly fee of Rs. 500, 650 or 800, according to the package that you choose.

Different packages you can subscribe to

The monthly fee seems to be catering to the price-sensitivity of the Indian audience so that you can watch Netflix in India without feeling the pinch, and one day you may even ditch your dish TV. The big advantage of using the Premium package is that you can watch your favourite programs on multiple devices – 4 devices at the same time – and you can also watch Ultra HD programs. Right now Techbakbak.com would recommend the Standard package as there is no use going for Ultra HD programming if you don’t have the right TV with you.

Netflix is available in India – how successful is it going to be with often limited Internet access?

Netflix is an Internet-based on-demand video service, just the sort of video service, Yahoo Screen, that recently Yahoo shut down. It means all the high definition movies and TV programs that you stream will be coming off the Internet and for that you need a decent Internet connection. Many parts of India don’t have the Internet with decent surfing speed and that might pose a problem for the media streaming company. But then, whenever a big business launches in a country, it launches after proper research, so people behind Netflix, before making the service available in India, must have done their homework and found out that an audience with a decent Internet connection exists that would pay to watch programs off the Internet.

Do you necessarily need an Internet-TV to watch Netflix?

It’s excellent if you can hook your TV onto the Internet straightaway to watch Netflix, but if that is not the case, most of the cable TV set-top boxes these days are connected to the TV sets using a hdmi cable. You can hook a HDMI cable in practically every laptop these days. So you can load Netflix on your laptop and then connect your laptop to your TV set and you are ready to watch Netflix programs.

If you are fine with spending some more money, you can also buy Chromecast. It’s a small gadget that, when connected to your TV, allows you to output whatever is being played on your Android-based smartphone or tablet, to your TV and watch everything being played on your handheld device over there. So you can play Netflix on one of your Android-based devices and watch the programs on TV this way also.

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