How to watch movies and TV shows of hidden categories on Netflix

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Watching hidden categories on Netflix

Sometimes, one of the best ways to relax is to sit down and watch one of your favorite movies. If you’re old school, you might have that movie on DVD, or better yet, video. However, if you choose to stream your movies, it’s likely that you’ll be using Netflix. Netflix hosts thousands of movies from all different genres so it can be tough deciding which film you get to watch next! Thankfully, the most recent study found the top 21 gambling-related films if you’re looking for inspiration. Those Bond films truly are a classic!

There is a dedicated search tool that allows you to search your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix, but with so many videos to watch from all over the world, it is humanly not possible to search through every category. Sometimes you aren’t even aware of scores, even hundreds of movie and TV show categories that are present on an on-demand video streaming website like Netflix.

If Netflix has just been launched in your country – it was recently launched in India – seeing all the categories might not be possible in your part of the world because not much content has been added yet, but as more and more content gets added to the repository, it will be easier to watch movies and TV shows of many hidden categories that are otherwise not present on the main page.

There are different genres and categories on Netflix and every genre has a unique number associated with it. All you have to do is, embed the right number to the following URL:

For example, if you are a martial arts movies fan, you would load the following URL:

If you want to see movies and programs from the “crime action and adventure” category, you will need to go to the following URL:

Here’s a complete list of numbers you can use to access hidden movies and TV shows categories on Netflix.

Again, remember that although these numbers stand for every country, whether these numbers bring up some results for you or not depends on whether the content has been added or not. If much content isn’t showing up, don’t worry, new content is being added on Netflix everyday, as it has been noted.

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