You can watch a horror movie on Snapchat, made for Snapchat

Horror movie for Snapchat
Horror movie for Snapchat

There is a horror movie called “Sickhouse” and it has been exclusively created for Snapchat users so that it can be watched on Snapchat. But hey, before you get all excited and install Snapchat (in case you don’t use it) so that you can watch a horror movie on it, hold your horses. This is not a free movie. The trailer of the Snapchat horror movie says that the movie costs $5.99.


Sickhouse is a “made for mobile” horror movie produced by Indigenous Media starting digital superstars (well, I don’t know them but if the description says so, what the heck) Andrae Russett and Sean O’Donnell. The movie was filmed between April 29th and May 3rd in a series of small Snapchat video is shot in real time.

The Snapchat horror story Sickhouse is about a group of social media obsessed friends that go to the woods to explore the lore of Sickhouse. What happens in the Sickhouse? That you will have to find out when you see the movie.

Here is Hannah MacPherson, one of the persons responsible for producing the Snapchat horror movie, talking about the movie:

As you know, Snapchat is an image and video messaging application where people send their images to their followers but these images don’t remain in Snapchat; this self-destruct after they have been viewed.

So if you images and videos are deleted after they have been viewed, how did people behind the Snapchat horror movie make the movie? This isn’t very clear but this is an interesting trend, especially if you are an artist and you don’t want to follow the well-trodden paths.

A very good trend in social media is that artists can build their own audience and once they have built an audience, they can use their own programs. Lots of such examples can be seen on YouTube and other such media channels on the Internet. The Snapchat horror movie is a good example of building an audience and then creating program for that audience.

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