Was San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone used to spread virus and malware?

San Bernardino crime scene
San Bernardino crime scene

The San Bernardino County district attorney Michael Ramos said that the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist might have been used to spread computer virus and malware into the public computer system. Although later on he said that there is no actual evidence, but that is, at the moment. One doesn’t know.

He used a non-technical phrase “cyber pathogen” to describe the supposed virus or malware but the basic point was that the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist might have introduced some sort of spyware or virus into the County’s public computers. As you know there is a tussle going on between Apple and the FBI as the Federal bureau wants Apple to help it hack into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist.

According to this Ars Technica report, the district attorney said that there was no “dormant cyber pathogen” in public computers but the possibility cannot be ruled out completely and this makes it more important for the FBI to be able to hack into the disputed iPhone.

The people on the Internet are joking about the whole thing but it is not as impossible as it seems right now. After all the San Bernardino terrorist was employed with the County and had access to its computer systems. What if he was actually able to implant a malware into the system that may trigger itself later on? It’s weird that even the so-called IT experts are taking this lightly.

What will happen? If Apple helps the FBI will it launch an apocalypse? Although I can understand the concerns for privacy I think this is less to do with people’s privacy and more to do with who gets to see the last word. Just imagine, if the FBI has to eat the humble pie and Apple emerges victorious from this imbroglio the company will be the champion of the geeky world. Taking on the big government is a dream come true for the armchair revolutionaries. An iPhone that even the FBI cannot crack. An iPhone whose encryption is so hard that even the company that makes the iPhone cannot hack into it. The sales will skyrocket.

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