Want to use Alexa on your iPhone? Now you can, through Amazon’s shopping app

Amazon's Alexa on iPhone
Amazon's Alexa on iPhone

As you know Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant but so far it has only been available in Amazon Echo and other compatible devices, but now you can also experience it on your iPhone despite the fact that the iPhone has its own virtual assistant called Siri. The official Amazon shopping app for iOS from now onwards will have support for Alexa, Amazon’s voice-driven personal assistant. This way, you will be able to use Alexa in your iPhone.

Is this a backdoor entry of Alexa into the iPhone ecosystem? Could be. It comes with all the basic functions of a voice assistant. You can search for products such as shopping items, play music and do everything that you can do in an Amazon shopping app using voice. Just like Siri, you will also be able to ask general questions from Alexa right through the Amazon shopping app. For example, if you say “Tell me a joke” Alexa will be able to tell you a joke on your iPhone just like Siri would.

Alexa on iPhone will also be able to provide you news updates, weather conditions and traffic conditions. You will also be able to listen to your favourite artists, your preferred genre of music and even listen to your Kindle audiobooks.

Just the way you can do with other Alexa-powered devices, you can also download and install extra skills so that you can use Alexa with your other associated devices.

This Amazon link describes in detail all the things you can do with Alexa on your iPhone.

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