Want to rent a tractor? There is an Uber-type app for this called


Need a tractor to plough your field but don’t want to buy a tractor for that? You can use an Uber-type app to rent a tractor There is a new tractor renting service that is available through the new Uber-type app called Trringo. The tractor renting service has been started by Mahindra & Mahindra, an Indian company known around the world for manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles like tractors, trucks and jeeps. The company wants to make hay during the harvesting and sowing seasons by allowing farmers to rent tractors instead of having to purchase them, especially when they don’t need these sectors on an ongoing basis.

If you are a farmer and you need a tractor, you can rent a tractor using this latest Trringo app. You don’t even need to know how to use a tractor. When you rent a tractor, you will also get a trained driver or an operator. However, if you actually need to buy one but don’t have the funds, there are second hand tractors that can be bought, so you have one on hand daily without the high expense.

Here is a small animated video that explains the concept behind the Trringo app for renting tractors:

On a side note, showing a faceless farmer without eyes and without nose isn’t exactly the right way of promoting a service.

Buying a tractor can be an expensive affair with the cheapest tractor costing around Rs. 250,000.

Mahindra and Mahindra has launched the tractor renting service first in Karnataka but soon the service will be rolled out in other farming states including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Being the largest tractor maker in the country Mahindra and Mahindra knows how crucial the availability of a tractor can be in the hour of need. The Trringo tractor-renting business is based on a franchisee model bridging the gap between digital technology and rural needs. The company will make money by charging a franchisee fee and taking a cut when people pay for renting a tractor.

Despite being a farming country, very few people in India use tractors and other farm-based heavy machinery primarily because Western-style large-scale farming is missing in India. On top of that, the sale of tractors has dropped by 13% in the past 10 months due to various reasons. Only 30% of farmers in India use tractors and heavy machinery such as Berti Mulchers to manage their farms. The tractor renting service will make using tractors easier and economical. A poor farmer will be able to afford a tractor. It will also mean that if a farmer is involved in a tractor trailer wreck lawsuit they will most likely be covered by the policy! It’s not just farmers who need to worry about getting into an accident involving a tractor trailer. This sort of accident can happen to everyone unfortunately. Accidents will happen no matter how careful a driver you think you are. That’s why if you are ever involved in an accident involving a tractor trailer, then you might want to check out this website here, to help you figure out what to do next.

The tractor renting service will work the same way the other cab hailing services work. The app will be used to connect those who have tractors to those who don’t, but need them. The app will use location-based tracking and make it easier for people to contact each other and rent tractors.

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