Want to know why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was catching fire? Samsung may tell on January 23

Samsung Unveils Its New Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Unveils Its New Galaxy Note 7

There was a worldwide panic about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones  spontaneously exploding and catching fire. Samsung had to carry out a worldwide recall. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was even banned  by various airlines because nobody knew when it would explode even when not being used. It has been so far a mystery why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire although most believe that  it was due to the faulty batteries.

So far, even after trying very hard, Samsung hadn’t been able to figure out what was causing the accidents and this mystery even delayed the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 or whatever phone Samsung was planning to launch after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Now it seems Samsung has finally figured out why its flagship smartphone was catching fire spontaneously and it is ready to release the information on January 23, according to this update.

It is almost certain that the spontaneous fire was being caused by the battery although many already believed that because there was no other way a device could spontaneously catch fire. The fact that even after so many months Samsung hadn’t been able to figure out why it’s major smartphone was catching fire was making its customers very uneasy and many were postponing the next Samsung purchase due to this.

Whether it’s Samsung or any other company it is very important that they find out why the smartphones were catching fire because otherwise the mystery would always hang like a sword over every customer’s neck. Just imagine, carrying a Samsung smartphone in your pocket or in your bag and in the back of your mind you are constantly worrying about it catching fire and the company not even knowing why it may happen.

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