Want to download pirated e-books before buying them on Amazon?

Libgen screenshot
Libgen screenshot

This VentureBeat blog post tells you how to do that. I’m not in favor of promoting piracy but I feel if some information is available in the public domain and if access to that information does not cause any sort of blood bath then why not share it with my readers?

There is this new Google Chrome extension called LibGen that once installed, will show you a list of the pirated versions of the book that you’re looking for at various places. It happens when you go on Amazon.com and search for a book and then when you click on a particular book title.

Personally I would only go for a pirated book when I’m looking to buy a digital copy and the digital copy is not available with Amazon.com. For me, getting a digital copy matters but sometimes only paperback and hardcover versions of the book are available. This is normally what I do: I go to Amazon.com, “Kindle Store” option in the drop-down and then search for the book. If I find the book, if I can afford it, I purchase it. If I don’t find the book I head to Google Play and look for the book over there. If I don’t find the book there, I generally give up. This happens with newer books because I know that I can easily get older books from the Project Gutenberg website.

So I would, if I would, use this plug-in only when I’m unable to buy neither the Kindle version nor the Google Play version.

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