Do you want to buy some hacked Yahoo accounts?

1 billion hacked Yahoo accounts
1 billion hacked Yahoo accounts

1 billion hacked Yahoo accounts are still on sale, according to this New York Times report. Of course, you need lots of money to purchase these many hacked accounts – approximately $200,000 or more. The passwords, the article says, no longer work, but information like dates of birth, telephone numbers and security questions can still be used in some way to exploit the loopholes.

Despite the case gaining international limelight, this massive chunk of information is still available on underground forums and it is being sold to different interested parties. There has been a litany of attacks on Yahoo – in 2014 records of 500 million Yahoo users were stolen and before that, as mentioned above, records of 1 billion Yahoo users were stolen. In that sense, a big chunk of Yahoo data that Verizon is buying, and is mostly paying for, might be compromised.

The 2013 hacking attack on Yahoo is the largest known breach of a private company’s computer systems.

Russia, it seems, is back being the American enemy number one. In the spate of cyber-attacks, various Russian hackers are involved. There seems to be an international gang of hackers closely working with the Russian government, or at least being forced to work with the Russian government. According to the news appearing on various websites, once these hackers were able to get access to sensitive information they were arm twisted into sharing the information with the Russian government or the agencies closely working with the Russian government.

Yahoo has already lost hundreds of millions of dollars off the sale of the company due to these data breaches.

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