Video showing that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is really waterproof

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is really waterproof
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is really waterproof

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, along with being an edgy smartphone, is also completely waterproof. There are many waterproof smartphones available in the market, but as this video shows, the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is really waterproof in the sense that, no matter for how long you keep it under water, the smartphone doesn’t get spoiled. First, here is the video:

Just to compare, the reviewer in this video puts Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6S almost 1 foot underwater, first, just for 3 minutes. He even seems to be pouring water forcefully on one of the devices.

The reviewer explains that whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is “waterproof”, iPhone 6S is “water resistant”. The difference seems to be that when a smartphone is waterproof, it is protected by an extra layer from within the phone so the water cannot enter the phone at all. Water resistant means that the holes through which the water can enter are somehow blocked in a manner that the water cannot enter. All in all, a waterproof smartphone is much better than a water resistant smartphone, as the video shows.

So is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge really waterproof? If you have seen the video, by now you should have found that even after more than 20-30 minutes, nothing significant happens to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone whereas iPhone 6S completely conks off, although it puts up a great fight for a few minutes. So if you suddenly drop your iPhone 6S in the water and you take it out quickly, nothing is going to happen to your instrument. But if you leave it there, it is going to die. In fact, initially the video shows that there is a slight disturbance in the speakers of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge but there is no effect on iPhone 6S.

Another feature that I observed in the video is that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge isn’t just really waterproof, you can also use the phone while inside the water. When the reviewer touches the screen of the smartphone it seamlessly responds. He was able to launch apps, even the camera. This is not possible with iPhone 6S. So if you are inside a swimming pool or frolicking in the water on the beach, you can easily go under the water and take some great photographs using your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.

The video shows that iPhone 6S totally gives up after multiple submersions in the water. In fact, ultimately it is turned into a water gun. When the reviewer squeezes the phone, a trickle of water comes out.

Nothing happens to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the video, which shows that the smartphone is really waterproof.

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