Video showing how easy it is to hack your iPhone

Video showing that an iPhone can be easily hacked
Video showing that an iPhone can be easily hacked

The video I’m talking about here that shows that your iPhone can be easily hacked into couldn’t be embedded right into the post so you will have to go to the TechCrunch website where it has been originally published.

The video caught my attention due to the ongoing controversy regarding how the FBI wants Apple to help the bureau to hack into a terrorist’s iPhone. But that’s a controversy everybody is talking about and for some time it has overshadowed the actual aspect of a smartphone — whether it is an iPhone or any other phone — people, governments, individuals and agencies may try to hack into and get access to confidential information.

It’s surprisingly quite easy to hack into an iPhone as explained in the video. All a person has to do is click a malicious link and the rest is taken care of by the hackers managing the link.

Once you click the link you may be asked to install a seemingly harmless app and the app may even show that it has been verified by the Apple Store. Sometimes the offerings on the link are so enticing that it becomes irresistible for people. For example, the link may offer you free Wi-Fi access, free movies and music downloads, free games or access to something you have been desperately looking for.

The purpose of these malicious links is to offer you something you desperately want. So you quickly install the app and there, you have gotten your iPhone hacked.

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