Video of a robot that moves and swims like a lizard or a salamander


A salamander can move on land as easily as it can swim in water. This is why scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) have developed a robot that walks and swims like a salamander, totally mimicking the shape of a giant lizard.

The scientists who have made this robot call it Pleurobot (named after the species Pleurodeles waltl). They closely studied the x-ray videos showing how the salamander walks and swims and what are the various physical dynamics that take place within the vertebrate and the limb structure of the amphibian.

Pleurobot is made up of 3-D-printed bones, motorized joints and an electric circuit that serves as its synthetic central in our system.

Why use the structure of a salamander to create this robot? The moment of a salamander is controlled by its backbone, the central nervous system. Whether the salamander is walking or swimming, appropriate signals are transmitted to the limbs and they start moving accordingly. This technology later on can be used in neuroprosthetic devices for amputees as well as paraplegic patients.

Here is the video of the robot that moves and swims like a lizard or a salamander:

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