In this video Oliver Stone tells you to shut your phone off

video in which oliver stone asks you to shut your mobile phone off
video in which oliver stone asks you to shut your mobile phone off

Frankly, this is a movie promotion called Snowden, but when director Oliver Stone suggests that you should turn your phone off while watching a movie in a theatre, there is a deeper meaning to it. As it is apparent, a movie called Snowden must be based on the events in the life of the former CIA employee Edward Snowden who leaked classified information about how the American government carries out illegal surveillance on its own citizens. Currently he is living in Russia.

All our lives seem to be centred around our mobile phones and the eerie thing is, we like it. Whether it is entertainment or shopping or learning something new or communicating or social networking, we do everything on our mobile phones. Take one’s mobile phone away and the person is practically non-existent.

We should all practice switching our mobile phones off occasionally. We may feel as if the sky is going to fall and we’ll miss the crucial update, but the world has survived for millions of years without mobile phones.

Anyway, here is the video in which Oliver Stone asks you to shut off your mobile phone for a while:

The way we use our mobile phones, Oliver Stone says in this video, is going to be our undoing.

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