Video of the Sony Xperia projector that turns your table into a touchscreen

Sony Xperia Android tablet projector – screenshot from YouTube
Sony Xperia Android tablet projector – screenshot from YouTube

Although the technology and the concept is not new, the Sony Xperia projector in the video below turns any table or wall surface into a touchscreen:

The presenter in the video explains that the projector is in fact a tablet, Android tablet, and all the functions that are available in an Android tablet are also available in the Sony Xperia projector. It’s a tablet that gives you a 21-inch touchscreen interface.

The box, being run on Android, also acts as a Google Home device. You can say “OK Google” and tell the projected interface to do all sorts of things that you normally tell your smartphone with the same interface. It gives you video conferencing, gameplaying and you can use all your Android apps using the interface. There is an inbuilt sensor that tells the Sony Xperia projector how you’re touching the projected image on the table and what to do.

The contents of the smartphone are not just displayed on the bigger surface, you can also touch various components of the projection and carry out functions as if you are actually touching your smartphone’s touchscreen.

What would you do with such a projector? The above Verge video, although, gives you all the features, leaves you wondering why would you buy such a device?

The answer is made available by the official Sony video that shows various people using the Sony Xperia projector at home, and suddenly, it seems quite an interesting thing to have at home. Here is the official Sony video of the Sony Xperia projector.

Many years ago I saw a video of a pen-type device that projects the image of a computer screen on the wall and the image of a keyboard on the table and then you can use the keyboard projection on the table to type just as you would type on a real keyboard and the output would be projected on the wall.

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