Video of a tiny robot named SALTO that jumps high


A robot needs to jump high and this tiny robot can jump as high as a human being. Here is the video first:

As you must have observed in the video, although they show that the robot can jump up to 3 feet, what happens to it when it lands on the ground isn’t shown. Does it land on its feet or does it simply crashes and breaks. They also show the robot falling on the net to break its fall.

The robot can be made to jump higher by jumping on the floor and then hitting a particular spot on the wall and then using the force gained from that spot, to jump higher.

Now, when you think of a robot jumping, you think of a robot jumping as high as at least buildings. So, what’s the big deal about a robot jumping as high as a human? Jumping is a very advanced technology. Appropriate force needs to be transferred to the mechanisms that facilitate the jump. In this robot it’s the spring that makes it jump therefore energy needs to be transferred to the spring in order to make the robot jump. Of course there are many bigger robots that can make higher leaps and different individuals are working on different robotic technologies and every step is an improvement.

Jumping robots can cover terrains that cannot be walked upon. They can be used for carrying out search and rescue operations over rocky areas and massive debris.

This robot is called SALTO that stands for Saltatorial Locomotion of Terrain Obstacles. The University of California, Berkeley team that built the jumping robot took inspiration from a small African tree monkey that is often seen jumping from branch to branch. These cute monkeys are also called bushbabies.

Robots are still learning to walk. They still need to learn how to climb over walls like Spiderman and even walking straight on uneven ground can pose some challenges. Some robots are learning how to play with a dog. It’s an evolving technology and every person building a robot these days is trying to build a robot that can ambulate in all environments. For example, this robot named VertiGo can climb a vertical wall and it sticks to the wall by applying air pressure against the wall.

There is another robot that jumps and it’s called, aptly, the kangaroo robot. Here is the video of the robot that jumps like a kangaroo:

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