Video of a man falling in virtual reality and falling on the floor in reality


Now this is called a truly immersive experience. The man in the video below is wearing a virtual reality headset and is probably climbing on a cliff. Then, in virtual reality he falls off the cliff, but in reality, really falls on the floor:

The man is wearing the Oculus headset. He is climbing up a virtual mountain.

This is funny, but it can also be very dangerous. Not enough data is available on how much physical and mental harm virtual reality, immersive experience can do. Because sometimes you actually feel pain and other sensations.

Virtual reality companies are racing with each other to give you as real and experience as possible but somewhere, a line will need to be drawn or there will have to be a mechanism that can take care of the eventualities.

This video of the man falling wearing a virtual reality headset was originally posted by George Takei on Facebook. If you are a fan of Star Trek (the TV series of yore) you may remember him as Hikaru Sulu sitting at the dashboard of the USS Enterprise.

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