Video: Nissan thinks your car could turn into a power generation plant

Nissan video of cars being power generation plants

What if your car could turn into a power generation plant instead of a fuel consuming mechanism causing pollution whenever it is being driven around? It is now given that the future cars are going to be driven with clean energy and electricity is one of the prominent driving forces among various car manufacturers. Nissan is going a step ahead, according to this video.

This Nissan video is a conceptual video (it’s not a real video) but the idea is quite wonderful and even revolutionary. This video shows a world where cars can be recharged wirelessly. Once you leave your car it will automatically move to its designated charging spot and once it is charged, it will be removed from their and another car will take its place.

The energy that is required to charge cars will be generated using wind, water and sun and if possible even the motion of the car. As the charging technology improves, the car will be able to store more energy than it needs. What will the car do with access energy?

This energy then will be drawn by your house, office and even other buildings of the city. Since no wires are needed, your car could act like a moving Wi-Fi but instead of sending radio signals, it will be transmitting electricity to the buildings it passes by. Since there will be millions of such cars, such vehicles will be constantly passing by houses and offices and hence, constantly giving them energy. This way, the cars of future will be able to act as power generators.

In fact, this technology is more appealing to me than self-driving cars and I think companies should focus on developing not just energy-efficient cars, but also energy-producing cars.

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