The video of a US mom shooting her kids’ iPhone

US mom shooting her kids' iPhone
US mom shooting her kids' iPhone

I knew this day was coming. My wife has been warning my daughter that if she does not leave her iPad alone, she’s going to throw it out the balcony from the 8th floor down on the street. Here is a video of a US mom shooting her kids’ iPhone and just to make sure the job is done, sledgehammering it.

As a parent I understand what she must be going through. Although I wouldn’t go to the extent of shooting my kid’s iPhone to smithereens simply because I wouldn’t like to leave my kid with such a violent memory (I would simply make the iPhone disappear), millions of parents can relate to the emotion. She specifically blames the social media because kids must be spending lots of time on Facebook and Instagram using their iPhone.

With dramatic posturing she says, “I hereby denounce the effects that social media is have on my children. Their disobedience and their disrespect.”

Even after shooting the iPhone she uses the sledgehammer to complete the job. The person making the video collects the individual parts of the exploded iPhone, puts the parts on the tree stump and then the big Mama makes another declaration before bringing the hammer down on the already dead iPhone.

Personally I don’t agree with the contents of the video. The mother looks like a difficult person to live with no matter what is her history vis-à-vis the iPhone and here kids. Just think of the kids having to live with such a Draconian mother who makes a threatening speech and then shoots the iPhone, gives me the creeps.

The video of the US mom shooting her kids’ iPhone has gone viral on YouTube, according to this CNET report.

What would have she done instead of shooting her kids’ iPhone in such a violent manner? In the first place, how did things go so bad? I mean, in the first para of this post I talk about my daughter overusing her iPad but the thing is the control is always in our hand. Since she mostly watches YouTube, all I have to do is, change my router’s settings and bloc the mac address of the iPad and that’s it, she is unable to access the Internet from her iPad. The moment she cannot watch her favourite videos, she loses interest in the iPad and starts focusing on other activities like playing with her real-world toys and studying.

The problem with the mom shown in the video is that initially perhaps she didn’t control the use of the iPhone among her kids. Now suddenly she wants to execute the iPhone like a military dictator. What was she doing when her kids were getting addicted to the iPhone? The more I watch this video of the mom shooting her kids’ iPhone, the more I dislike her. Poor kids.

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