Video of Google robot Spot playing with a dog

Google robot playing with a dog
Google robot playing with a dog

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dog could get a robot as a playmate? It would keep your dog busy for hours. This is what seems to be happening in this video of a Google robot Spot playing with a dog.

The terrier dog, named Cosmo, reportedly belongs to Android co-founder and Playground Global head Andy Rubin.

But why is this high-tech Google robot playing with a dog especially when robots of this category mostly are working with the military? Although the military already has such robots doing serious work instead of goofing around with dogs, the Google robot Spot, in its current configuration, is left playing with a dog because it does not have the needed autonomy to be a potential reconnaissance asset.

Industries have been using robots for multiple decades now, but as autonomous bodies doing fieldwork on their own, it is still a long way to go. The real world involves lots of tricky decisions involving millions of combinations and permutations and all these combinations and permutations need to be worked into the basic thinking algorithm of these machines. For example, recently one of Google’s auto-driven cars (which can be easily deemed as a robot) crashed into a bus because it misjudged the behavior of the bus driver.

A Google robot playing with a dog may seem cute, but playing with a dog can be great learning experience for a robot. A prancing and barking dog can be more unpredictable than a human being and the robot needs to process the audio-visual data quickly and take the next step and accordingly.

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