Video from the inside of a self-driving car


How do the cameras inside a self-driving car see the world outside? This video from the inside of the self-driving car gives you a small inside of what it feels like travelling in one of such cars.

The video was released by Tesla last month to demonstrate the capabilities of its current generation of self-driving cars. The video provides an inside look of the self-driving platform and how it views and interprets the usual obstacles that are encountered by a typical vehicle while moving on the road. The video has been fast-forwarded to reduce the playtime.

The self-driving cars are undoubtedly one of the biggest wonders of science and technology but people are understandably worried about how safe they are. If you’re involved in a car accident in Australia, take a look at car smash & panel repairs in Melbourne. Just imagine, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of decisions being taken in the split of a second while the car is self-driving on the road, just like the human brain does. Assessing all those sounds and images and then reacting in milliseconds, it must be an amazing experience to travel in a self-driving car. These cars will change the way we travel. The most wonderful thing about the self-driving cars is that they will minimize accidents that kill thousands on the roads every year.

I have repeatedly said on my blog that if they really want to test the grit of the self-driving cars, they should start testing them on Indian roads rather than on American roads. Let’s see how these cars fare amidst the unadulterated lawlessness and unpredictabilities of Indian roads.

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