Video of Elon Musk unveiling solar power roof tiles


Many alternative energy companies have been trying to create solar power generating roofs and tremendous progress has been made in this field with companies similar to this schneider electric distributor providing the use of solar power among us. The biggest hindrance in the way of creating sustainable solar power generating roofs is that they are either very expensive or they don’t look as good as normal roofs. Another is that for some roofs a complete repair or refurbishment by the likes of Colorado roofers is necessary before the panels can be considered for fitting. Although there is a pressing need for having alternative sources of energy, people are still sensitive about how their homes look therefore they have been shying away from the sort of roofs alternative energy companies have been making so far. If you’re interested in regular solar panels while this technology is being refined, check out GIEnergy ( they have some great offers on solar panels.

In this video, the Tesla CEO Elon Musk gives a live demo of the latest solar power generating roof tiles his company SolarCity has made:

You can actually see the two homes using the solar power generating roof tiles at the place where he is conducting the presentation.

If appearance matters and if you can afford such expensive tiles, then these solar power generating tiles come in the following designs: textured glass, slate glass, tuscan glass and smooth glass.

Obviously right now the target market would be rich homeowners who would go for fashionable solar power generating roof tiles just to make a statement, but even this would be a good development because many such houses use lots of power. They may need to liaise with a roofing company Greensboro, or one in their location, to see if this is potentially available for their home and what renovations will need to be done.

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