New version of the Twitter Mac app for the latest OS

New version of the Twitter Mac app

There is a new version of the Twitter Mac app for the latest Apple OS X including Yesomite and El Capitan. There is a slew of new features in the new version of the Twitter Mac app including a dark mode and GIF support. The latest version also comes with the features that come with every Twitter functionality that is available in other operating environments including in-line Vine, video, group direct messages, photo direct messages and in-line replies. It will also show interaction highlights within the OS X Notification Center. Incidentally the new version of the Twitter Mac app isn’t developed by Twitter.

The Twitter Mac app had been neglected for a long time and Apple users had been waiting for an update. These features have been available to people using Windows and Android environments for a long time. People have also been complaining that the new version of the Twitter Mac app comes with the laggy scrolling, repeats old notifications and some people cannot log into the app. If it is misbehaving it is probably because, as mentioned above, it hasn’t been developed by Twitter.

The development of the Mac app for the latest OS was outsourced to a third-party developer, most probably Black Pixel, a well-known digital studio based in Seattle. Black Pixel has developed products for ESPN, New York Times and Starbucks, according to their website.

But why would Twitter outsource the development of the new version of the Mac app to a third-party developer, especially for the latest OS? Many speculate that the Mac desktop environment isn’t a priority for Twitter. Developing an app for Mac hasn’t exactly been a priority for Twitter. From June 2011 to April 2013 the app received no updates from Twitter. Between 2014 and 2015 the app has been updated only twice. They would like to concentrate on developing mobile apps and customising the interface for smaller screen sizes. It takes lots of effort to offer high-quality apps across multiple platforms at one. According to industry updates, the in-house development for the new version of the Twitter Mac app has also been hit by the recent layoffs at Twitter.

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