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If you have installed the browser of your choice on your Windows 10 machine then obviously you want Cortana to use your default browser. For example, many people prefer to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as their browser and they would like Cortana to use a browser of the choice.

Cortana is a nice voice assistant that comes with Windows 10 but it comes with its own whims and fancies. For example, when you ask Cortana some question, and when it needs to throw at you some web search results, it uses the Microsoft Edge browser and the Binge search engine. Although Microsoft Edge isn’t as bad a browser as Internet Explorer used to be, still, there is a hangover and people don’t want to use the Microsoft browser. You want to use a browser of your choice whether you are using it directly or through Cortana.

As this tutorial explains, there used to be an inbuilt feature that would allow you to use the browser of your choice with Cortana but that feature is no longer available. You need to use a third-party tool. Many people are wary of using third-party tools so it’s up to you whether you want to use it or not.

This third-party tool is called EdgeDeflector, and as the name suggests, it is meant to “deflect” the Microsoft Edge browser away.

Per the suggestions given on various websites including the Github link mentioned above, when you download the file, store it in your “Program Files” folder or “Program Files (x86)” folder. Of course, within this folder the EdgeDelector folder will be saved, and within this folder you will find the EXE file which you will need to double-click. When you double-click the file, it will ask for your permission to install the program and you will need to click “Yes”.

After that, you can launch Cortana and ask “how is the weather today”. A small pop-up window will ask you whether you would like to use Microsoft Edge or another browser as your default Cortana browser. This is where you can select the browser of your choice that you would like to use with Cortana.

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