Urgent: update your Apple device now – iPhone, iPad and everything else


If you have an Apple device – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV or any Apple computer or laptop – update its operating system right now. Some websites are even recommending that drop whatever you are doing and urgently update your Apple device. So if you’re reading this update on your iPad or iPhone, update your iOS operating system right now.

The latest Apple operating system update fixes big security holes, according to this Wired update.

Most of the time Apple sends an update automatically to your device and you are prompted to update it. But this seems to be urgent and you may have to manually make your device update the operating system to its latest version. According to the Wired description:

Apple details over a dozen vulnerabilities in all in the iOS 10.2.1 release, including 11 focused around WebKit, the browser engine behind Safari, the App Store, and lots of iOS apps. They also include two instances in which a malicious application could execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges, which is to say, it could take complete control of your device.

“It can add files, delete files, or execute any actions,” says JP Taggart, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes. “Want to record conversations and forward them to someone else? It can do that. Want to install additional malicious software? It can do that. Want to uninstall programs on the affected phone? It can do that. Want to hide these actions, programs and files from the user? It can do that too.”

Several of the WebKit vulnerabilities can also lead to arbitrary code execution, and may be even more alarming. That’s because while Apple can limit the number of malicious apps in its ecosystem through App Store vetting, WebKit presents a less filtered opportunity for malice.

The latest update affects  the following Apple devices

  • 4th-generation iPads and newer
  • Any computer having Mac OS Sierra
  • iPhone 5 models and newer
  • 6th-generation iPod Touch and newer
  • Apple Watch – all models
  • The latest Apple TV

As mentioned above, if your device is not prompting you to update your Apple operating system, you may have to do it manually.

How to update the operating system of different Apple devices:

  1. On iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Open Settings > General > Software Update
  2. On a Mac computer: On top-left of the screen, click  > About This Mac > Software Update…
  3. On an Apple TV: Open Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software
  4. On an Apple Watch: On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch App > General > Software Update > Download
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