The upcoming 4-inch iPhone SE might not have 3D Touch

The new iPhone SE might not have the 3-D touch and may look like the old iPhone 5S
The new iPhone SE might not have the 3-D touch and may look like the old iPhone 5S

According to this Forbes update, a French website has released the photos of the upcoming 4-inch iPhone SE and the news might not be good. According to the images included in the update, the new, smaller iPhone might not have the latest 3-D touch capabilities. Another problem might be that the new design might be nothing but the old design of the iPhone 5S rather than shrinking the size of the latest iPhone 6S. The same French website – – also obtained the first photos of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7.

So why is that Apple is going ahead with an older design minus the 3-D touch? As the writer of the Forbes article rightly mentions, not providing the 3-D touch with the latest device may create hurdles for app developers who are incorporating 3-D touch into the interfaces.

On the other hand, despite the fact that bigger phones are flooding the markets, smaller, cheaper phones also have their place and this might be the market Apple is trying to target. The smartphone markets are already saturating in America and Europe and Apple is targeting countries like Latin America, India and China. The Indian and the Chinese markets are quite price sensitive and smaller iPhone devices that look like the older iPhone 5S will be able to draw in more customers. Besides, in these emerging markets, people may not be able to utilize the 3-D touch, at least not right now.

Incidentally, Apple will be launching its new iPad and iPhone SE on March 21, 2016, just a day before the FBI hearing. You might be aware that the FBI wants Apple to help the agency hack into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorist. Apple has refused to do so. In deciding to launch the new iPad and the new iPhone just a day before the FBI hearing, Apple wants to communicate that no matter what its business as usual.

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