Unlimited Cloud storage from Amazon for a year for just $5

Unlimited Cloud storage from Amazon

Amazon.com is offering unlimited cloud storage for a year for $5. Before you get all excited, just remember that it is for only one year and once you have used up that period you will need to pay the regular price, whatever that is at that time. So use your “unlimited” account with discretion. After a year, it will be, as of now, $ 59.99 per year for using unlimited online storage.

There are multiple cloud storage services available that you can use these days, for example Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Individual phone companies like Apple and Xiaomi also give you online storage when you purchase one of their devices. There is no dearth of good cloud storage services and which service you want to use depends on which service is available and what sort of tools are available with the cloud storage service. Even in terms of security and data protection, all the major companies provide almost the same degree of convenience and protection (despite what happened with iCloud).

Unlimited Cloud storage can be a bit tricky, especially seen in the context of Microsoft rolling back its offer for its OneDrive and Office 365 users because some users were uploading their entire collections of DVDs. With the same thing happen with Amazon Unlimited Cloud storage? This is sure to happen but the thing is that after one year, people will need to shell out the regular fee for uploading data so this might discourage people from uploading files indiscriminately.

So should you go for the unlimited cloud storage from Amazon? It depends. If you aren’t already using a service like Dropbox or Google Drive on a regular basis, you may like to try out Amazon otherwise you can stick to whatever you’re using because it will be a hassle to move all the files. Compared to 1 TB of storage from Google Drive for almost $120 per year and 1 TB of storage from Dropbox for $120 per year the cloud storage service from Amazon is just about $60 and that too “unlimited” so in terms of pricing this is definitely a good offer. It also depends on the interface and compatibility. For example, you can use Google Drive and Dropbox from almost every device these days and in many devices, Dropbox is an integral part of managing your data. So if Amazon also has similar compatibility facilities, then sure, this is a better offer.

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