unGlue is a new parental control app that lets kids decide how they use their mobile phones and tabs


This seems to be a good app, but the bummer is, I couldn’t install it on my tab because it says the app is not available in my country (India). I’m writing about it because I’m really interested in such apps that not just help parents keep their kids away from mobile phones, tablets and other such gadgets but without imposing their own restrictions. Such things work better if kids on their own can decide how much they can watch. So, I wanted to try out this app, but again, due to some weird reason, I cannot install it. I came across the unGlue app on this TechCrunch link.

What I find interesting in this app is the concept – kids can decide on their own when to shut off YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I have observed this with my own daughter: when she decides when she can use these apps and when she shouldn’t, she is more amiable. But when my wife and I try to control her YouTube time, she protests.

Just like the developers of the unGlue app, I totally agree that it’s not the fault of the kids that they are hooked to mobile phones and tabs. They are everywhere. We all have our own individual mobile phones and we need to stay connected. It’s not like, we can all lock up our mobile phones somewhere and then get on with our lives. Electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our lives and it is in a good way. It’s just that, since there is no limit on using them, it has become a problem.

A good thing about unGlue is that it involves the kids in drawing up a schedule. Kids can also save up time in a “time bank”. Suppose, and this is what I’ve understood, since I haven’t been able to use the app myself, your kid is allowed to watch YouTube 30 minutes every day. She watches for just 15 minutes one day. So, those 15 minutes are added to the “time bank” so that the next day, she can watch YouTube for 45 minutes. This will be a great incentive for kids to save up time.

Here is the official video from the company that explains the motivation behind the unGlue parental control app.

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