The unboxing video of a hoverboard catching fire

Unboxing video of a hoverboard catching fire
Unboxing video of a hoverboard catching fire

Recently on we covered a few incidents of a hoverboard catching fire while charging and even hoverboards setting homes on fire in US and Australia. But in all the reported cases the hoverboards were being charged and people were suggesting that they shouldn’t be left plugged unattended.

But as you can see in this unboxing video, a hoverboard is catching fire while the YouTube vblogger BuleBritish is filming his first-time use of the gadget. He simply unboxes the self-balancing scooter, takes it out, switches it on and begins to fiddle with it. Ironically he leaves the hoverboard to charge overnight contrary to the copious advice available on the Internet.

After placing the gadget on the ground he tries multiple times to get it moving. He also tilts it backwards and forwards to see what happens. After a few tries, some smoke begins to come out at the front and you can see the hoverboard suddenly catching fire. The gadget suddenly catches fire as if it has exploded and the person making the unboxing video has to jump to avoid his foot from catching fire.

Although there have been numerous reports of hoverboards catching fire when left on their own to be charged, this is perhaps for the first time happened during the filming of an unboxing video. Here’s the video:


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