The Ubuntu operating system for the mobile doesn’t give telephone a priority

Ubuntu Mobile phone home screen with no telephone app icon

I was just going through this CNET video review of the mobile phone called Meizu Pro 5 that comes with Ubuntu operating system rather than mainstream mobile operating systems like Android and Windows 10.

One thing that I noticed in the review is that the home screen of the Ubuntu-powered Meizu Pro 5 is that the telephone app icon isn’t prominently displayed on the home screen the way it is displayed on other smartphones. This is an interesting development. Just see the screenshot of the home page of the Ubuntu Interface, you have to make some effort in order to access the telephone app icon.

Ubuntu Mobile phone home screen with no telephone app icon

This may not be something very new as in many phones, you can have a Home screen that has got all sort of information but the basic telephone icon. Maybe the smartphone is turning into an all-purpose gadget and eventually we will stop calling it a “smartphone” or even a telephone. Maybe we will have some other name for this handheld gadget. Another reason for not giving much importance to the telephone app icon is maybe because most of the instant messaging apps these days allow you to make phone calls so maybe one day the calling feature will just be any other feature rather than a stand-alone feature. Just an observation.

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