First Ubuntu Linux tablet is going to be available soon

Ubuntu Linux tablet BQ Aquaris M10
Ubuntu Linux tablet BQ Aquaris M10

If you are a big Ubuntu Linux fan here is a good news for you: you will be soon able to purchase an Ubuntu Linux tablet that can also double up as a PC. It will roundabout cost you $289. For global shipping of the Ubuntu tablet make sure that you go to the BQ link (the Spanish company collaborating with Canonical on this) make sure that you go through the Canonical link.

The technological specs of the Ubuntu Linux tablet

The tablet is called BQ Aquaris M10. It will have a 10.1-inch display with multitouch screen, 16GB internal memory and a microSD slot for up to 64GB space, full HD video camera and 2 GB RAM. The Ubuntu Linux tablet will be powered by MediaTek Quad Core MT8163A processor of up to 1.5 GHz speed. It will also have a micro HDMI slot.

The Ubuntu Linux tablet Aquaris M10 will come in 2 flavours, namely FHD and HD. FHD will be at 10.1-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution at 240 pixels per inch. HD will come with the same 10.1-inch screen size, but with 1280 x 800 resolution and 160 pixels per inch. Both the tablets will have 16:10 aspect ratio.

Interestingly, when you’re using an Android phone, you’re also using a Linux device although it is a much closed system going totally contrary to the spirit of the Linux community.

A big problem with the upcoming Ubuntu Linux tablet might be that it still uses the ARM processor (most of the devices have upgraded to x86). It’s an old chip and applications like Google Chrome and Adobe Flash don’t work on Linux using the ARM processor.

Would you really be interested in an Ubuntu Linux tablet?

Will you be buying an Ubuntu Linux tablet? It depends on your taste and your ideological bent of mind when it comes to using your favourite operating systems and going with technology companies you are loyal to. For example, some will go with Apple devices no matter what and some will go with non-Microsoft devices no matter what.

The success of any technology/device depends on the support system it comes with. How many accessories will people be able to use with the new Ubuntu Linux tablet? How will they be able to install new apps? Will they be able to use the Google play store or does Aquaris M10 come with its own application manager and if it comes with its own application manager, will people be able to access and use the apps they have been using with other devices.

Even if many of the Ubuntu Linux tablet users are first-time tablet users, the problem with first-time users is that they prefer to go with what their friends and family members are using rather than going with a totally new and alien product unless they are totally oblivious to the existence of the more known brands around them and it hardly matters to them what sort of tablet they use.

My personal gripe with Ubuntu is that it hasn’t been able to keep up with emerging operating systems whether its mobile devices or desktop PCs. Even as simple a task as installing a new application can end up wasting a couple of hours and hopefully the same won’t be the case when people start using the new Ubuntu Linux tablet.

I used Ubuntu for a complete year but then I realised it’s not worth the effort – I didn’t need to prove anything by ditching Windows and adopting Ubuntu. I just needed to do my work and Windows allows me to do my work in a much better manner.

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