Uber will be able to track how fast its drivers are driving

Uber is tracking if its divers are going too fast
Uber is tracking if its divers are going too fast

Uber will be using gyroscopes and GPS that are already built into most of the smartphones to get a clear idea of how fast or slow its drivers are driving. The smartphone sensor will be able to tell Uber if a particular driver is going too fast or accelerating too aggressively. As we all know, staying safe on the road is very important. With software like this that can help pick up speed and doing a bit of research into a guide to cheap car insurance in NJ at TrulyInsurance.com (if you live in this area), there should be no excuses as to why protecting yourself on the road shouldn’t be a priority.

The new technology that Uber is using to monitor how their drivers drive isn’t just to make like difficult for its drivers. The technology will also help the cab sharing service to review complaints. Sometimes the passenger says that the driver was driving rashly. It is simply the passenger’s word against the driver’s word. With this new technology, Uber will actually be able to know how the driver was driving. This way, if the passenger is at fault, the company can prevent the driver’s rating from being negatively affected. With the help of the new smartphone sensors Uber will be able to track small driver movements, starts and stops and overall speed, giving the company an overall picture of the overall journey, according to this Wired UK link.

Of late Uber has been getting negative press due to errant behavior of its few drivers. Last year in India, and Uber driver raped a female passenger; since then they have introduced a panic button within the app.

In one of the first instances Uber started tracking its drivers in China through GPS coordinates mostly to check whether any of its divers were attending protests in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China.

The new technology will also allow Uber to know if a driver is moving his or her smart phone frequently and if that is the case, the company may offer a docking device to the driver. Many passengers have complained that drivers text or attend to phone calls during driving. The company is also considering installing passenger-facing mirrors in the back seats of operators so that the riders “self-moderate” their behavior. If you, or someone you know, has been involved in Uber Accidents as a result of the driver being on the phone, then you may be entitled to compensation, and should contact a legal representative immediately.

As the popularity of Uber has increased, unfortunately so has the number of accidents that need an Auto Accident Attorney. The new feature may help decrease the number of accidents as it will ut drivers off from driving faster.

There have been complaints from divers as Uber classifies its drivers as independent contractors. Using smartphone technology to monitor the activities of the drivers will be like having a control over their working conditions.

The company isn’t informing individual users that their movements are being tracked. This is revealed only when the company needs to access the data due to a complaint.

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