Uber will know in real time if its cab drivers are behaving badly

Uber is tracking if its divers are going too fast
Uber is tracking if its divers are going too fast

Being a cab service facing stiff competition from other local and international cab services Uber needs to ensure that they provide you top-notch service. A well-behaved cab driver is very much an integral part of the top-notch service. If people are not happy with the cab drivers, they’re not going to become regular customers and not only that, they will also share their bad experience privately as well as on the Internet.

Various cab services have observed that users give a bad rating usually based on their experience with the driver because technology and transportation is more or less the same these days.

No matter how good technology or infrastructure is, ultimately it depends on the cab drivers what sort of experience passengers have while using the Uber cab service. This is why, according to this Fortune link, Uber is testing a new software that will let the company know in real time if its cab drivers are behaving badly. With technology being available in pretty much every industry, it comes as no surprise in the hopes of preventing any accidents on the road, the use of a dash cam may be required. Just by looking into companies such as BlackBoxMyCar, you may be able to find a solution to your driving worries. It is best to be safe than sorry while on the road.

There are always signs of bad behavior by cab drivers that can be recognized. For example, Uber will use the technology to know if a particular cab driver is over speeding. The company will also be able to know in real time if the driver is repeatedly touching his or her mobile phone – it means he or she might be texting while driving. These sort of behaviors are not acceptable at all. This type of driving is always discouraged when young people are learning drive at somewhere like theGary Meggs Driving School.

The real-time monitoring of the cab driver behavior won’t be done everywhere. Initially it will be introduced in nine US cities including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. A similar test has already been underway in Houston since last November.

Monitoring the behavior of the cab drivers is of no use if they are warned after a mishap has taken place. Lots of problems can be avoided if just as data about the cab drivers misbehaving is gathered in real time, they are also provided feedback in real time. The moment it is observed that a particular cab driver is driving rashly or if he or she is fiddling with the mobile phone more than he or she should, he or she must be sent an alert immediately so that he or she becomes aware that he or she is being observed and hence evaluated. This will help many Uber cab drivers behave properly while driving passengers around. Decreasing the need for Uber drivers to find the use of a traffic attorney, if as a passenger you have ever experienced a bad driver you could look into how a law firm may be able to help you make a claim against the driver also.

Hopefully there is also a mechanism to know whether a particular cab driver is following the route or not. If the driver is not following the route he or she should be called and asked why he or she is not following the route. The Uber cab driver in Delhi who raped a passenger had gone somewhere else – way out of the route – while the passenger dozed off mistakenly. This could have been avoided had the movements of the driver been tracked in real time.

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