Uber is paying a $225,000 settlement for discriminating against the blind


A few months ago I had a nice experience with Uber – as far as my conversation goes with them – regarding what would happen if I needed to travel by an Uber cab with my power wheelchair. I got a detailed response from the company detailing all the steps they have taken to make sure that persons with wheelchair can use their service without much problems.

There was a lawsuit against Uber in 2014 alleging that the cab company discriminates against passengers with service dogs. The lawsuit claimed that Uber drivers refused to take passengers’ service dogs and in one of the worst cases, even locked the passenger’s service dog in the trunk.

Federal law in the US requires taxis and other private transportation services to allow persons with disabilities carry their service animals with them.

The lawsuit proceedings went on for a couple of years and it was finally decided that Uber is going to have to pay $225,000 as settlement to the National Federation for the Blind over the next three years.

As a part of the settlement, Uber will also make sure that all its drivers fully accommodate persons with disabilities and the drivers who do not accommodate persons with disabilities will have their accounts revoked.

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