Uber will be delivering food now in 10 cities from March onwards

Uber food delivery service
Uber food delivery service

From taxi service Uber is moving on to delivering food through its app UberEats that will be operational from March this year onwards, according to this Time report. Apparently the service has existed for some time and have been in the process of taking orders and delivering foods in cities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago, but the app is being launched to give it a further push. Up till now they have primarily been delivering lunch. If you check out their website, they have already listed various countries and cities where they are delivering food. According to the report, the app is currently  being tested in Toronto. The UberEats app has the look and feel of the original Uber app.

Uber already has a large fleet of cab drivers and the cab service will be using its existing network of vehicles to take orders and complete deliveries.

The food delivery service will work the same way the cab service works. You place an order (the hotel or restaurant must exist in the Uber network) from a participating restaurant or hotel and if one of their drivers is near the location he or she will be notified and asked if he or she would like to deliver the order for a fee. In order to increase the efficiency, the divers will be able to take multiple delivery orders from the same restaurant.

The responsibility of contacting the cab driver after the meal is prepared will rest upon the restaurant where the order has been placed. Once you have placed the order, you will need to wait 30-40 minutes and there will be an extra $5 delivery charge depending on your location.

How will Uber make money out of this? Just like the way it happens with the cab service, Uber will be taking its cut from the cab drivers as well as from the restaurants where the orders are placed. Later on, Uber plans to rename the service “Instant Delivery”.

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