Is the Uber app becoming increasingly unsafe due to attacks on drivers?

Uber taxi service
Uber taxi service

Uber is perhaps one of the best ways of getting a good quality ride in a car without burning a big hole in your pocket. It’s a cab service as well as a car-ride-sharing scheme. But the drivers of Uber are increasingly becoming victims of attacks, as mentioned in this report. More and more Uber drivers are being robbed and attacked, although it could be more a case of simple numbers rather than a trend specifically against the car sharing service. Robbers and muggers attack people indiscriminately and not specifically keeping in mind that someone is driving an Uber cab.

But some of the assaults are being attributed to other taxi service companies whose business the Uber service seems to be cutting into. Another problem is, if someone specifically wants to target an Uber driver, all the criminal has to do is, go to the company’s app and locate the driver on the map. Once they have located the driver, it becomes easier for them to make them their targets.

According to the rules, the phone use by the Uber drivers are assigned by the company and when these phones are stolen, they are unable to pick up passengers for a few days until a new phone is assigned by the company. Since many of these phones are being stolen at gunpoint, the Uber drivers think that it is being done to stop them from picking up passengers. The LAPD, although acknowledges that there have been attacks on Uber drivers, refuses to acknowledge that they are being specifically targeted as being speculated by Uber drivers.

Why do Uber drivers think that they are being attacked for the service they provide rather than for cash and phones? One, they are paid by credit card so no cash is involved, and two, they’re given older models of the iPhone that are not very attractive to the muggers. Some drivers have received explicit warnings against working for the service.

Another speculation is that it is comparatively easier to attack an Uber driver by locating him or her through the app, so these drivers are being picked, and there is no other reason.

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