What is Twitter? Is Twitter social networking app? No, now it is a news app

Britain no longer a social networking app, it is now a news app
Britain no longer a social networking app, it is now a news app

What is Twitter? Up till now you have known that Twitter is a social networking or social media app. But it seems the company is going through an existential dilemma because right now they don’t seem to be able to decide exactly what is Twitter?

Twitter is often categorized as is social networking website or a social networking app but now no longer is the case. Now the company thinks that it is a news app. This has become apparent as its main app has been removed from the category “social networks” and has been shifted to something like “traditional news outlet”.

So have the people behind Twitter decided what is Twitter?

As far as the iOS ecosystem is concerned, they seem to have made up their mind regarding what is Twitter.

This move is being reflected on the App Store although it isn’t very clear whether the change is going to be applied on other platforms or not. On platforms like Android and Windows 10, it still might not be clear exactly what is Twitter. It was general experience that when the website featured in the “news app” section on App Store, the visibility of the app increased and so did the downloads.

This Independent report says that there has been no official statement from Twitter. No explanation has come forward about why Twitter is no longer a social networking app and why it is now a news app.

Although the sort of noise that is there on Twitter makes it more of a social networking app rather than a news app, the move makes sense. Most of us turn to Twitter when we are looking for breaking news. It can be like a social news app but since there might not be such a category on App Store, so they are using the “news app” category.

I think as far as the users go, there is no ambiguity about what is Twitter? For them it is a social networking app. It doesn’t matter whether the Twitter app appears in the “news app” section or somewhere else – no matter where it appears, it is going to remain a social networking app.

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