Twitter lets you 360-degree live video stream on Periscope now

360-degree live video streaming on Twitter using Periscope
360-degree live video streaming on Twitter using Periscope

All major social networking websites it seems are introducing 360-degree video streaming. At least the one thing it tells is that lots of people these days have cameras that can capture the 360-degree videos. Surely you cannot live stream 360-degree videos with your usual camera phone. You need to attach a different camera that can capture 360-degree video to your phone and then through your phone, you can live stream it.

A few weeks ago Facebook introduced 360-degree live video streaming.

What is 360-degree video?

As the name suggests, once the video has been prepared, or while it is being live streamed, the viewer can watch it from all the angles. It is as if you are holding a video camera. The video player has an icon in the middle of the video. With your mouse cursor or with your finger you can control that icon to turn your view in whichever direction you feel like. Although, right now you cannot move your view diagonally: you can either move up or down or, left or right.

Take for example the 360-degree video presented in this tweet. When your cursor is on the video it changes its shape and you can drag your view left-right-up-down.

360-the live video streaming using Periscope isn’t yet available to everybody – although everybody can watch the videos, there are just few people who can live stream on Twitter. So, the news is about the ability to watch 360-degree live video streams rather than the ability to organize your own streams.

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