Twitter hires its first ever marketing chief

Leslie Berland: Twitter's new chief marketing officer
Leslie Berland: Twitter's new chief marketing officer

It seems people are leaving and joining Twitter with great speed. Last week four of Twitter’s top executives left the company in a huff and now the social networking company has gotten itself a brand-new marketing chief Leslie Berland. Leslie has recently been VP of global advertising, marketing and digital partnerships at American Express. Her background in modern digital marketing strategies like SEO will give her a massive head start when she takes on the role. Marketing teams similar to 1DM are increasingly aware of why SEO has risen to be one of the most in-demand forms of marketing.

Regardless, her primary job will be to build Twitter’s brand. How difficult or easy it is going to be, only time can tell. Although Twitter is a global brand with more than 300 million users, it is failing to attract new users and it is also not able to get back the ones who abandon the social networking website. The company has been trying to introduce new features like changing call to action buttons, removing character-count limit from DMs (direct messages) and even contemplating increasing the number of characters that you can type in Twitter updates up to 10,000 characters, still, it is unable to improve its tally, especially compared to WhatsApp, Snapchat and even Facebook.

Whether it’s due to some internal turmoil or general market conditions, Twitter’s stock has been trading at one of its lowest points in 52 weeks, unlike the tesco shares. It seems that investors are investing in companies that are almost guaranteed to be profitable, like a supermarket for example, compared to a social media platform that can sometimes prove problematic.

Twitter has released the following statement from Leslie Berland:

Twitter is a service like no other. It has and continues to change the world, shaping how we communicate and connect, how we’re entertained, informed and inspired. It represents everything that’s relevant at each and every moment – to me, there’s nothing more powerful. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Jack and the Twitter teams to bring the magic of Twitter to life, broaden its reach, and deepen its impact as the company enters this incredibly exciting new chapter.

Before her, Twitter has never had a dedicated marketing officer and Twitter’s marketing was mostly being handled by company’s CFO Anthony Noto.

Coming from American Express, Berland should be able to bring lots of financial opportunities for Twitter. Other firms would likely need to go to another company, like for instance, to assist them here, but Berland has her own background to put to use. The social networking website has been working on creating its own payment platform and her banking experience will certainly help. According to this TechCrunch link she also comes with a network of marketing heads at businesses and brands through her tenure at American Express. She may also help bring in advertising revenue from these high-worth contacts.

300 million users is a big number but Twitter has lots of competition in Facebook and Google and both the competitors enjoy user insights and business targeting opportunities that Twitter does not have.

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