Twitter has stopped adding username character count to 140 characters


Twitter has been gradually trying to give you more characters to type and a few weeks ago you must have read about Twitter’s decision to stop counting usernames and media links when calculating whether you have typed 140 characters in your update or not. This decision was welcomed by all, including those who don’t want Twitter to increase the number of words one can enter. But people have been wondering when they are going to be able to post updates where the character count of usernames and media links is not added to the overall 140 characters one can enter.

This TechCrunch link says that Twitter has finally stopped counting usernames when replying to updates. It’s like, when you reply to someone, his or her username is added to the text of the update. Previously, the characters of the username were added to the overall tally of 140 characters that you can enter. No longer is the case. The number of characters being used for the username in the reply update is going to be ignored. Is this change implemented everywhere? Not necessarily. Right now, only iOS users seem to be able to use more than 140 characters.

But along with this is another big change that has been implemented: @username in the replies seems to have completely disappeared. Instead, a little grey box shows you that you are replying to someone. Right now I have no idea how this new change is going to accommodate when many people are being applied to. But it is certainly better than totally running out of characters when lots of people are being included in the reply. The above TechCrunch link has the images that properly explain how the new changes appear to those who can use them.

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